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We are gradually merging “traditional Japanese skills and techniques” with
“the latest technologies and approaches that are widely used around the world.”

We believe that tradition and innovation are two sides of the same coin: they are not fixed, they are ever-dynamic.  At some point, they can be turned upside down, or in some periods they can be mixed.  The two sides are inextricably linked.

The hypothesis is that traditional techniques and innovative technologies are in fact in pursuit of one another.

In the same way that something cutting-edge in its time may now seem awkward, something that was considered tacky in the past may become a catalyst for the new era.  After being refined, tackiness may even become tastefully bright and sharp.

The core philosophy of our furniture production is to enjoy the process of crafting furniture that is unique but at the same time universal, striving to get to a place where tradition and innovation meet.

To put it simply, it's a bit of both!  After all, someone might say in every age that:

"Confucius said, if you learn from history and understand the present age, you can become an excellent teacher.”


I have given an introduction to the essence of our offer, now let us talk a bit more about how we can actually serve you.

We are a bit of an unusual Japanese supplier of furniture and decorative components.

We believe that we cannot compete with China or South East Asian countries as a global factory in terms of cost.  But we may be able to satisfy the desire of people from all over the world who are fond of Japan, as our furniture may evoke the feeling of one peeking into a mysterious small room.

We have developed a unique method of colouring, which combines ancient Japanese dyeing techniques with organic methods that is firmly backed by scientific evidence. Our furniture is painted using this distinctly characteristic colouring technique.

What about the wooden part itself? We can also offer you a uniquely crafted furniture, that combines traditional Japanese techniques with modern industrial processing techniques. We use traditional methods of construction, as well as more cost-effective methods using composite techniques.

In addition, 3D printing using grain-derived resins can be incorporated into our decorative components to create original expressions and combinations.


This is the result of our commitment to “return to the earth”,

long before the SDGs were globally introduced.

Our furniture and decorative components are developed using a combination of tradition and innovation.


Do you have a need that we can serve you with?

We want to be” Innovators who think with you”.

Let's think together, form together, and boost our unique idea together!

# We asked OBAMA-san to translate the above.

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